Top Reasons Why iPhone App Owners Need to Upgrade Apps for iOS 12


Everyone is waiting for the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) which will happen in June 2019 for Apple to release iOS 13. Till then we have to contend with the latest available iOS 12 which was launched in Sept 2018 although after that Apple has released a series of iOS 12 updates like iOS 12.1, iOS 12.2 and iOS 12.3. iOS 12.3 was released just a few days ago in May 2019. Actually, iOS 12 was the last major release, and it is known for some remarkable and major features. It has so many add-ons, functionalities, features and updates that’s why it is still one of the hot topics of discussion in the mobile app market. If you own an iOS app or if you are a mobile app startup, then knowing about these new updates will definitely help you to get more audience to your iOS app and generate more business out of it.

The new iOS 12 comes with many improved features. For example, iOS 12 supports new ARKit to empower iPhone app developers to create more innovative augmented reality apps. Also, there are many other features and updates that can help your app to offer much better user experience. If you really want to realize the full potential of these new features, then you will need to upgrade your apps to run on iOS 12. From app updates and new Memoji to ARKit 2.0, we will discuss here some of the new features which iOS 12 has to offer.

Just to inform you iOS 12 release date was September 17, 2018. After that, almost eight months have passed, and some of the app owners still have not updated their iOS apps. Let’s now discuss some of the top reasons why iPhone App Owners Need to Upgrade Their Apps to run on iOS 12 as soon as possible if they really want to get amazing benefits.

Some of the Top Reasons to Update Apps to Run on iOS 12: –

Apple News Plus and New Airplay 2 Features

On March 25 this year, Apple released iOS 12.2, which brought many new features for the users. If you face some iOS 12 update problems, then you can contact any professional iOS developer. One of the most important new features which you will get after the update is access to Apple News Plus – Apple’s new news and magazine subscription service. This update also brought some upgrades to Siri. For example, now you can use Siri to play videos from your iOS device to the Apple TV through AirPlay 2. That means you can use Siri to control some part of your TV watching experience. It also included support for the second generation AirPods, iPad Pro support and more.

ARKit 2.0

If you are using an older version of the iPhone, then you should learn how to update to iOS 12 if you want to use the latest features. Apple has launched ARKit with iOS 11 couple of years ago, and now with iOS 12, Apple has updated it to a new version ARKit 2.0. This new version of ARKit delivers much-improved face tracking, support for 3D object detection and realistic rendering. It also provides support for shared experiences with multi-user augmented reality, and now you can play AR games with other users in the same virtual environment provided by your iPhone.

New FaceTime User Interface, Haptic Feedback

Apple operating system iOS 12.1.1 brings an improved interface to FaceTime, which makes it easier to switch between the front-facing and rear-facing cameras while you are in a FaceTime call. That means users can now capture Live Photos during FaceTime calls. Also, they can capture Live photos during FaceTime calls. iPhone XR users will also get Haptic Feedback features.

Siri Shortcuts

iOS 12 also launches Siri shortcuts by which Siri is now capable of doing much more via quick actions. These can be assigned through the new Shortcuts App. Users will now be able to use Siri Shortcuts on their iPhones as well as on the HomePods and Apple Watches. One other feature in iOS 12 is critical alerts. You can now opt-in for notifications which are important even when Do Not Disturb is turned on. This feature can be highly useful when a healthcare provider is trying to contact you to give you some important information.

Siri Suggestions

This is one of the most important iOS 12 features and has become highly popular. In iOS 12, Siri can now adapt to your behavioural patterns using artificial intelligence. Hence now, whenever you use the Spotlight Search tool, you will see many suggestions on your iPhone device. These suggestions may vary depending upon what you are doing on your iPhone at that time. For example, texting a friend back or returning a missed phone call. When the user will tap on the suggestions, then it will automatically open to the specific task, and more you will use iOS 12, more suggestions Siri will provide you on a daily basis.

Animoji and Memoji

iOS also launches more Animojis like the ghost, tiger, koala, Tyrannosaurus rex and more. It also offers a new feature which allows you to add a tongue or a wink to any of the Animoji of your choice. Apple also introduced Memoji similar to Samsung’s AR Emoji; hence you can now create an augmented reality character which looks like you with the options to choose between different hairstyles, eye colors and many other features.
Apple has also brought fun effects to the iMessage camera. Hence the users can now add things like different shapes, filters, texts and stickers to their photos which they want to send within their conversations, and they can even insert Animoji and Memoji into the photos. Also, users can now record for 30 seconds with their Animoji upgrading from the earlier 10 seconds limit.

App Level Data Use Information

Apple has already provided a feature by which users can easily find the apps that consume lots of battery. Now Apple provihire iPhone app developer Dubai des a new feature with iOS 12 by which users can check which apps are using lots of data. If you want to check out your data use then simply go to Settings and then Cellular options, and you will find your answer.

Redesigned Maps App

Apple has been trying to improve its Maps service for years, and in iOS 12, they have done that. Apple has made major changes to its Maps app by adding more intricately detailed maps with green areas and other public landmarks. Although right now this feature is only active when we look at only a small part of the area on the app, i.e. San Francisco Bay Area but Apple will roll out this service for more regions in the US later this year and finally will launch this service all over the United States in years to come.

Improved QR Code Reader

Apple introduced QR code reader in iOS 11, but in iOS 12 it has brought major improvements in this feature. In iOS 11, it was used to point your camera at the code, but in iOS 12 when QR code will be detected, it will highlight it for you. To make this feature easier to use, you can also now add it to your Control Center. Hence when you want to scan a QR code, you need to do swiping into the Control Center and tap the title to launch and use this feature effectively.

Improved Face ID

Actually one of the most important features which were updated in iOS 12 was the Face ID feature which got a major overhaul. With this updated feature, you can now add two different Face ID profiles to unlock your phone or to complete any secure tasks or jobs. Also, you can find an option which is hidden in the Face ID and Passcode settings to add an alternate look. Also, it is now much easier to rescan your face in iOS 12 if Face ID fails to recognize you on the first try. In iOS 12 you just need to swipe up from the unlock screen if Face ID fails on the first try. Although it looks like a minor enhancement, but it has made the use of Face ID much more easier.

Grouped Notifications

Earlier you used to see a long list of notifications in your iPhone but with iOS 12 notifications now come under groups – not just by the app but also by topic and thread. You can easily tap in and look at the particular notification and then can easily delete an entire thread with a single swipe rather the need to delete every single notification separately. Now you can also tune your notifications and take decisions whether you want a particular app to send you notifications in future or if you want it to bypass the lock screen. You can even use Siri, which can suggest you which notifications you should turn off depending upon the extent of use of the apps by you.


iPhones are known for their quality, and with new updates in iOS, Apple keeps everyone on their toes. With iOS 12, Apple has brought some major changes and updates in its flagship operating system of its smartphone – iOS. Now not only the features on the iPhone are extended, but the performance of iOS devices also got a major boost. Therefore, the apps running on these iPhone smartphones also need to be updated so that users can use the latest features of iOS 12. If you are in the Dubai region, then You should find any professional iPhone App Developer Dubai to update your app quickly.

Xicom is a leading iPhone app development Dubai company and has a team of 300+ mobile app developers who have got good experience in iOS app development. Hence if you want to develop a new iOS app or to update your existing iOS app you can hire iPhone app developer Dubai from our team and let us release the latest, updated and most reliable version of your iPhone app so that you become capable of beating your competitors in the marketplace.


Uber App Development Cost (Includes Features and Cost)

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Top Benefits of iPhone App Development for Your Business in 2019


In the modern world iPhone app development is one of the best way to build a successful mobile app and establish one’s business. Any company or business you take today; they can get maximum benefits if they build an iOS app for their business as by this way they can reach large number of relevant customers who like the Apple products, easily. Mobile apps run on smartphones and other than iPhones, Android based smartphones are also highly popular in the world. Therefore, so many business owners face a dilemma when choosing a platform for app development for their businesses. Both Android and iOS, have their own benefits but there are certain reasons why launching a business app on iOS is much more beneficial.

Reports say that by 2020 the mobile app market size will reach about $101 billion. Hence to penetrate this highly competitive market. iPhone app development is the right choice as it has the capability to engage more number of highly affluent and more techno-savvy users. Hence if you also want to do big in your business then hire iOS developers and build your iOS app.

In this article, we will look at some of the top benefits of hiring iPhone App Creator and to go for iPhone mobile app development. Let’s start.
High Level of Security

iPhone apps are more secure than Android apps as iPhone app development provides enhanced security and more features for it. These features are highly beneficial for enterprises which want to protect their sensitive business and users’ data. iPhone users are more protected against malware, virus and other security threats that so often are faced by businesses through online world. This is because Apple has provided inbuilt and more security features in its iOS platform. iOS provides security against data theft, data encryption and data duplication. It also maintains data privacy and secure app data in cloud more effectively.

High Popularity of iOS in Developed Countries

Although iPhones are hugely popular throughout the world but they are dominant in developed countries like US, UK and Australia. Therefore, by developing iOS apps, businesses can expand their reach to these rich nations and regions of the world. As these users are also affluent and have high paying capacity hence building iOS apps brings huge opportunity for growth of your business world over in these developed markets.

iPhone App Offers Strong Brand Value and Loyal Customer Base
Apple is one of the world’s most trusted brand since decades and anything related to it would be trusted too. iPhone users know that the iOS apps developed for iPhones and tested thoroughly by Apple would be definitely more reliable and would offer lots of benefits to them. There are so many Apple users around the world who only use Apple products and they wait for months to buy newly launched Apple products. Hence through iPhone apps, businesses can easily reach these loyal customers who trust in Apple and iPhone brands and their products.

iPhone Apps Offer Better Customer Experience

Due to the high standards of hardware, customer support and flawless software functions, iPhone users are generally happy and satisfied customers. They know that every app they download from the App store would function smoothly and perfectly. Hence if you bu

vy and Filtered Audience

It has been observed that the iPhone users are more tech-savvy and filtered with high paying capacity. Although small portion of the society uses iPhones but they are perfect for you and your business to grow and earn profits. This audience will appreciate your user friendly and highly functional app and will even buy your app or its products and services and will provide more opportunities for you to earn more.


There is no doubt that Apple has created wonderful and innovative products with high UI/UX. Therefore, by building iPhone app for your business, you would get a best and perfect chance to launch your business in front of a high paying, tech-savvy and loyal customer base. This will bring more opportunities for you to grow big in the world market. But you will get all of these benefits if you will go for iPhone app development first. We have discussed above some of the top benefits of iPhone app development for your business in 2019. You can go through these and become more motivated and confident to build iPhone app for your business and grow big.

ild iPhone app for your business by following Apple’s standards and guidelines, there will be more chances of success of your app while there are several apps on Android platforms which fail to work on certain smartphones after being downloaded. Therefore, iPhone app development is the first choice for most of the businesses and you can follow the same.

Reduced Fragmentation and Easy to Build/Test iPhone Apps

Apple manufactures, creates and controls all of the hardware and software components of its iPhone mobile phones. It synchronizes the release of its smartphones devices with the release of its iOS operating system which results in almost no fragmentation issues in iOS app development. Hence it is easy to build and test iPhone apps as the developers need to check and test for fewer iPhone devices and fewer iOS operating system. Therefore, it takes less time, less effort and less investment to build iOS apps. On the other hand, Android has dozens of manufacturers and Google releases Android OS separately. Hence there are more time and efforts are needed to develop and test Android apps.

Impressive UI/UX of iOS Applications

Apple is famous for providing amazing UI and UX, you take any of its products from desktops to laptops and to smartphones. This increases the user engagement and satisfaction for your app. That means as iOS apps will have better UI/UX hence more number of users will use these apps. It will definitely increase the sales of your business globally and it will result in better ROI.

Better Scalability

As your business will grow your app should be able to accommodate that easily. iOS apps are easily scalable and will grow along with your business across various regions. iOS apps are designed in such a way that when your business will grow they will manage that easily. This will bring uninterrupted business, more sales and high profits for your business in future.

More Tech-Savvy and Filtered Audience

It has been observed that the iPhone users are more tech-savvy and filtered with high paying capacity. Although small portion of the society uses iPhones but they are perfect for you and your business to grow and earn profits. This audience will appreciate your user friendly and highly functional app and will even buy your app or its products and services and will provide more opportunities for you to earn more.


There is no doubt that Apple has created wonderful and innovative products with high UI/UX. Therefore, by building iPhone app for your business, you would get a best and perfect chance to launch your business in front of a high paying, tech-savvy and loyal customer base. This will bring more opportunities for you to grow big in the world market. But you will get all of these benefits if you will go for iPhone app development first. We have discussed above some of the top benefits of iPhone app development for your business in 2019. You can go through these and become more motivated and confident to build iPhone app for your business and grow big.



Looking for the best company for your app development project can become very difficult and puzzling from so many app development companies in Dubai as well as around the world. Talking about the services that Xicom Technologies Ltd. offer to the clients, here is the list where you will get an overview of all the services that are provided by the experts in website and app development.

Features of Ionic 4 Framework and Why it is the Best Option for Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development Services

This is the age of mobile phones and mobile apps and therefore so many people are looking for Android App Development Company to build their mobile apps. Also there are so many companies which are working in this field. In the technology market, there are many frameworks available for mobile app development but Ionic framework is considered one of the best frameworks for this job. Therefore, most of the developers prefer Ionic framework to build hybrid mobile apps. It is basically an open source framework and based on 3 key elements which are SaaS based UI framework which is optimized for the mobile user-interfaces, Angular Framework which works best to rapidly develop scalable applications and Compiler (Cordova or PhoneGap, this one is useful for the native applications with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript). This ionic framework allows developers to build high quality native and progressive mobile applications by using latest cutting edge technologies. This framework is used for Ionic App development and consists of various out-of-the-box and functional CSS components.

About Ionic 4 Framework – “Ionic for Everyone”: –

Ionic 4 came after the peak of research and hard work of 2 years transforming Ionic from “mobile for Angular” into a powerful UI Design System and app development framework for every web developer in the world. It was finally released in Jan 2019. Although it is based on the same lines as Ionic 3, the latest release Ionic 4 comes with much more advancements in the form of multi-framework compatibility, build time, functionality, strong theme capaci and documentation. With Ionic 4 release, Ionic Framework is now distributed as a set of Web Components using the Custom Elements and Shadow DOM APIs available in all modern mobile and desktop browsers. This means that now practically every web developer in the world can now use Ionic’s components in their mobile, Desktop and Progressive Web Apps – just by using Ionic’s custom HTML tags in their apps.

Also as Ionic now targets standard web APIs instead of third party ones hence developers at any Mobile App Development Company can rest assured that Ionic’s components APIs will be stable for many years in future. Ionic is no longer just mobile for Angular and it is now a modern, web based design system and app framework for every web developer doesn’t matter what tools and frameworks they use on top of it. The Ionic developer team had been working on this for the last 6 years and finally it has become a reality.

Ionic 4 is the Best Ionic Yet 

Ionic 4 is not only the most accessible and future proof version of Ionic but it is also the fastest and most complete till now. In Ionic 4, all of the about 100 Ionic components have been evaluated for performance, theme customizability and platform look and feel. This also includes a complete iOS and Material Design refresh for each component to match the latest standards on iOS and Android platforms.

Latest Features of Ionic 4 Framework: –

When you will Hire Android App Developer to build your app then he can better tell you about the latest features of Ionic 4 Framework. Actually the latest version of Ionic comes with some amazing features like Stencil & internal code refactoring. This latest framework can also be used with other frameworks and not just Angular and it has been built so perfectly that now the developers need to devote little efforts in order to retract or rebuild their applications. Ionic 4 introduces some of the web components as well, in the form of an array of web platform APIs empowering the development of reusable, customized and new encapsulated HTML tags for use in the web applications and website pages.

Also there are some customized widget components available for the developers which are specially created with web component standards and they work across all the modern browsers. Hence developers can use these custom widget elements and components with any of the framework or the JavaScript library that functions with HTML.

Let’s now discuss about the newly added features of Ionic 4 Framework: –


This is a new thing from the Ionic team. It is actually a web component compiler that is useful for building standard compliant with web servers. This also uses additional APIs such as TypeScript, async, JSX and Virtual DOM which work best for progressive web apps i.e. PWA.


This is a code extension layer and cross-platform API which is also useful for calling native SDKs from the web code and writing custom native plugins required by the app. This also consists of PWA support and enables developers to write one app and then launch it at the app store.

Web Components

Web components is one of the amazing things in Ionic 4 framework as they moved to the web component for its every single component. Actually, web components are a set of web platforms APIs which enable developers to create brand new, customized and reusable HTML tags which can be used in web pages and web applications. These web components send more work to browsers without having to write much of the codes. This is definitely an amazing improvement in startup and loading times and it works wonders to create high performance web applications. It is basically based on 4 elements: – HTML Template, Shadow DOM, Custom elements and HTML imports.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is one of the best features of the Ionic 4 framework. It is actually a design pattern in this framework which is used to differentiate the initialization of the components until they are required. This helps in improving the performance of the application and reduces the app’s load time by dividing it is a various bundle and only loading the application when you asked to do so.

PWA Enabled

Ionic 4 Framework is one of the best UI platforms for creating high performing progressive web applications. The development team of Ionic creates the latest technologies like lazy loading to secure best performance.

Faster Performance

Ionic 4 comes with 1.5x faster performance and it includes a complete material design refresh. The web components of this framework are thoroughly optimized to secure the loading speed and to deliver a major performance boost.

Color Changes

The development team of Ionic has changed the default color and new default color is added into it.


This framework displays a row of column and buttons on the top of the application content and it also shows on the bottom most part of the view port for better visibility.
What are the Major Benefits of Ionic Framework which prompts you to Create Your applications with Ionic Framework Only?

This framework offers many benefits that’s why developers choose this Ionic Framework to develop mobile and web applications. Here we have mentioned the reasons why you must seriously think about using Ionic in your project: –

It is built on the AngularJS

When we think about a leading framework for mobile and web applications then AngularJS comes to our mind each time. Using AngularJS framework, the developers are able to create high-performing applications based on the Ionic platform. In this app development process, it uses AngularJS to create app structure and other features. Also, it uses the syntax extending of HTML to include elements of the app and for data binding.

Attractive UI Components

Ionic framework offers pre-defined styling for its different components. By this way all of the elements which you choose to use will appear like the native elements. By this we mean that they will appear like native across several of the platforms therefore on Android the components they get Material design touch and on iOS they get the current iOS look and feel.

Strong Support and Huge Community

One of the best way to evaluate the performance of a framework is to check how active and strong its community is and we find that Ionic community offers exceptional and tremendous support. For example, it offers an Ionic Slack Channel, number of books and places like ‘’Ionic Academy’ that offers special support customized as per your requirements. Also it allows you to track what your Ionic team is working on, what bugs and issues are still open and you can also start your own pull request in order to fix the stuff on the GitHub repository.

Open Source

Ionic is an open source app development framework therefore there is no need to pay anyone for any kind of license fees to create enterprise applications of course apart from iOS and Android Stores’ fees.

Single Codebase

Ionic uses single codebase which enables the developers to develop and create responsive and intuitive mobile apps for all kinds of portable and mobile devices. Hence when you build an app using this framework whatever features you have added, the app will work smoothly on all of the mobile devices
If you have just started to use Ionic for your app development process, then do use Ionic app templates. These are basically combination of great designs and codes and they are able to save lots of your time which you spend on designing and development part of the app.


Ionic Framework was already so much popular for building mobile apps and with the release of Ionic 4 Framework it has now become highly beneficial to use this advanced framework for mobile app development. We have discussed above some of the key features and benefits of Ionic 4 Framework and why it is so much popular among developers. Ionic 4 Framework is still in Beta version and in coming times, we expect more features and enhancements will be launched for Ionic 4 Framework which will definitely make the app development process using Ionic 4 highly easy, feature rich and amazing one.

Latest Entertainment Mobile App Development Trends for the Year 2019


So many businesses are now looking for App developer Dubai as they now have realized that mobile apps have huge scope and infact mobile apps are now one of the best way to reach billions of customers around the world. Now apps are the mobility solutions for each problem of our life and the mobile app development is an innovative process by which we build so many kinds of mobile apps having lots of contents, features, functionalities and activities. This brings us countless possibilities to leverage the digital landscape.

Now reports say that people are giving more than 15% of total app usage time to news applications, 24% time to entertainment apps and gaming apps and 80% time to music apps. Social media is leading the process to offer lots of entertainment which is providing us an opportunity to build many such kind of apps. It has also been seen that about 90% of the total mobile usage time which users spend on using smartphones, is spent on using mobile apps only. Entertainment apps are making their space and place in the app world and app development companies now know how to attract their users at the very moment they start using an app. Mobile applications are perfect platform for entertainment kind of apps.

Most of the App Development Companies in Dubai and in other parts of the world know that there are already so many entertainment apps in App Stores. Every entertainment channel is delivering their kind of apps so that users can get the content which they want and they can enjoy as they explore these kind of apps. Due to mobile apps, so many people have shifted their attention and time spent on television to smartphones and instead they have started using many of these entertainment apps in place of TV now. Increasing popularity of Netflix is such an example.

2018 has been an amazing year for entertainment based mobile app development and this year i.e. 2019 is bringing more promising results. You can see the how the number of downloads of entertainment apps have increased dramatically. It looks like 2019 will bring something more as number of smartphone users have reached 2.5 billion already and it is expected that the market of mobile app development may reach $189 billion by the year 2020.
If you are looking for App Development Dubai or in other region of the world, first you should know the latest entertainment app development trends for the year 2019 which we are going to discuss in this article now. Let’s start.

Instant App Development Will Become More Popular

More and more Entertainment mobile app developers will go for instant app development as it eliminates the hassle to download it. Instant apps need not to be downloaded to use them. They run in such a way that they can be accessed through a shared link. With this link, a user can access the mobile app in its shorter version. Hence, users can access such an app whenever they require it and they can use it as if they are surfing a website. For example, take the case of Twitter which has instant app and if you want to check its newsfeed, only the newsfeed will show up. These kind of instant apps don’t even need installation. These apps consume less space in your smartphone and their loading speed is also high. Hence chances of bounce rate is also less. In 2019 these apps will be a key trend.

Internet of Things with AI

Many kinds of entertainment apps can be built using Internet of Things technology along with AI. These kind of apps leverages on AI and internet to deliver the perfect IoT devices. Many large hardware companies are investing a lot on applications of IoT apps for wearable technologies. Therefore, you can have an entertainment app on your smartwatch and other wearable devices. Internet of Things trend is going to drive billions of dollars of revenue in 2019. Other than entertainment other industries which are benefiting from IoT are healthcare, retail, e-commerce, construction, logistics and transportation.

More Focus on The App and Device Security

So many people are now using smartphones to access gaming, news, shopping, entertainment and business apps. Now we have apps for almost everything but key issue here is the security. Whenever a mobile user downloads an app this question of security comes to his mind. Entertainment apps are highly popular hence these kind of apps should be highly secured as people share their financial and private information while downloading these apps. If the app is not secure then it can lead to data breach and information of so many users can be at risk. Therefore, it will be a key trend in 2019.

Need for High Quality Content

It has been seen that most of the entertainment apps don’t take the importance of high quality content for their app much seriously. They right not focus more on the technical aspects but this situation is changing now. Users now want accurate information when they are using these apps. Hence during the development of entertainment apps itself the developers should ask for quality content which they can update on the app. Good content also helps in marketing initiatives and in this highly competitive world, all app owners want to do effective marketing of their app. Hence quality content will be key in 2019.

Cloud Computing based Mobile Apps

There are many entertainment apps which use cloud computing now as they store lots of music, videos and other information on cloud computers and they users can stream their service and listen to songs, watch videos and lot more things while using their app. Using cloud computing, users don’t need to have lots of space on their mobile devices and these kind of apps occupy minimum space and they fetch information from the cloud whenever needed. Hence cloud driven mobile apps are going to be in focus in 2019.

Swift and Kotlin will Become More Popular in 2019

To develop entertainment apps, it requires latest technologies. Hence Swift is going to become more popular to develop iOS based apps and Kotlin will become more popular to develop Android based apps. It is worthwhile to mention that till now Objective-C was the main programming language to develop iOS apps and Java was the main programming language to develop Android apps. But in 2019, the situation is going to change in favor of Swift for iOS development and Kotlin for Android development as they bring more features and more benefits for the developers as well as for the app users.

Location Based Mobile Apps Will Become More Popular

Businesses are now exploring the usage of location based services through their mobile apps. These services give the scope to create specific actions and offer lots of scope for personalization. Therefore, most of the entertainment based apps have upgraded their apps to include location based services such as Bluetooth beacons and location tracking through the network service. Hence the developers should now have to make sure that the entertainment mobile apps leverage the location based technology. This will be a key trend in 2019.


We have just discussed some of the key trends in entertainment mobile app development for the year 2019. These latest mobile apps should be fast, easy to access, easy to download, take less space, fast, using cloud services, secure, using IoT with wearable and AI and should have all the features which make the app more user friendly, with high value content and benefits for the app users. If these new trends will be used to develop entertainment mobile apps then surely these apps will bring more value and benefits for the users and they will also take the business to new heights.

What is Blockchain Technology and how it is Transforming the Healthcare Sector?


There is much demand for Blockchain development company as so many organizations are fast realizing about the benefits of Blockchain based solutions. Especially healthcare industry is going to get major benefits due to this trend. Before we go and discuss about how Blockchain technology can transform the healthcare sector, let’s first know some basics about Blockchain.

What is a Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a decentralized distributed digital archive maintained collectively by a network of computers called nodes. In blockchain network one person cannot modify the data as it needs permission from all of the people who maintain the particular record. Till now Blockchain technologies have been mostly associated with cryptocurrencies as the main method by which data integrity and security across networks have been maintained successfully. As per research reports, the global blockchain market is expected to be worth $ 20 billion by 2024. Financial companies like banks many times have to deal with vast amounts of complex data verification processes which cost them a lot. What Blockchain does is it fundamentally shifts the platform to a shared and distributed database which can be shared across multiple organizations without compromising even a little bit on data privacy. In this, permissions can be restricted based on user type and transactions recorded, updated and validated on all of the nodes in a network simultaneously. This leads to the saving of $ 8-12 Billion yearly. Blockchain is also transforming the healthcare sector as increased use of Blockchain based digital systems to maintain health records, finances and insurance claims are giving phenomenal returns and benefits.

How Blockchain can Benefit the Healthcare Systems?

Any hospital you take, there are so many transactions happening all the time. From patient registration, payments and account tracking, treatment outcomes, health indices and costs are being monitored continuously. Each participant can be related with their own electronic ledger with properties which are different from other participants. This kind of simultaneous existence of multiple ledgers can give rise to cases of fraud, inefficiency and errors. But now with Blockchain technology, each computer system shares a copy of all ledgers hence information can be checked and verified against all other copies without any redundancy and vulnerabilities.

As we said unlike centralized databases, blockchain technology or Blockchain Solutions work on distributed systems. In this system, cryptographic codes are auto-generated for different levels of users and the role of an intermediary is not required thereby highly reducing the number of points of exposure and access to sensitive data. Also paper use is also tremendously reduced thereby eliminating the possibility of delays and potential losses for all of the stakeholders.

How Blockchain Maintains Data Integrity?

The main property of blockchain is that a block of code registers changes in the state of record and also works to restrict complexities of algorithms that manage the manner in which changes are done. Blockchains maintain records of each and every change which takes place in the data, track real-time records of every permanent transaction, maintain certificates of authenticity and track service details along with the value chain. Blockchains actually help in freeing up the capital for business organizations, lower transaction costs, speed up processes and provide security and trust across networked systems. Blockchain also allows for easy interoperability of health data between hospitals, clinics, doctors and related staffs.

Scope of Blockchain technology in healthcare

There is immense scope of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector. Reports say that blockchain technology development in healthcare sector which was valued at about $ 34.47 million in 2018 will see a vertical rise in 2024 with revenue close to $ 1415.59 million with the CAGR growth of around 70.45% between 2018-2024.
Let’s now discuss the main factors which make blockchain so much important for the healthcare sector.

Decentralized system

Blockchain has a decentralized system which makes it hackproof and prevents all copies of data from getting compromised. Hence all of the commodity hardware in the hospital can be made to run on these decentralized systems. This will remove all of the human-made and even natural disasters leading to very high level of security. Also the power saved by these systems can be used by the researchers to make complex calculations to find cures, treatments and medicines of various diseases and health issues.

Only One Data Source

As we have said, in blockchain all of the transactions are stored and added to the chain only after getting confirmation from all of the participants. Also the data recorded cannot be changed which gives 100% authenticity and utmost security. Hence the developers and researchers can use this feature to study a huge amount of undisclosed information of specific group of people or patients. This will help in complex studies which are done for the development of precise medicines for better treatment from diseases.

Leads to 24*7 Access and Monitoring of Data

If Blockchain is used in healthcare sector then it can be used for storing and updating useful patient data like sugar level, platelets counts, blood pressure etc. in real time with the help of IoT and wearables. This can highly help the doctors to monitor patients which are living at high risk 24*7 and to inform and send alert to their caretakers and family members if some emergency occurs.

Highly Cost Effective

Blockchain technology fully takes all the third party and mediator systems out of equation which are normally involved in fetching and transferring data. The absence of this system results in achieving high cost-effectiveness in the healthcare system.

Reduction of pharmaceutical fraud and theft

Most of the Pharma companies need to track the movement of their drugs, importantly the controlled substances, from manufacture to end points in the supply chain. When blockchain is implemented, there is a full record of the transport of such drugs and medicines, leaving far less chances for them to be stolen during the transferring processes. Also the recipients of such drugs know exactly where they came from and how they go to their endpoints. Hence the benefits in the reduction of drug frauds are imminent.

Improved data exchanges in clinical trials

Generally, it takes very long time for drugs to get approvals. Sometimes it takes many years not weeks or months. When studies are conducted globally then there is no method by which those studies can be collected into a single database. Use of blockchain will mean that the results of the clinical trials can be securely consolidated and benefits can be demonstrated.

Lack of insurance fraud

Insurance fraud is a major concern and it is a major concern for the companies and entities involved in this process. Insurance fraud happens when dishonest providers and patients submit false claims and information to receive payable benefits. That means there is billing for services which are not really performed means there is a falsification of a patient’s medical condition to justify tests and also there are kickbacks. All of these things bring up the costs of healthcare insurance for everyone. For example, Medicare fraud in the US alone right now costs about $ 60 billion a year. Benefit of Blockchain is that its environment can eliminate most of this fraud when providers and patients have to enter their information and data which is verified, recorded and stored and health insurance companies have access to that data.

Application of blockchain technology in healthcare

We have just discussed the scope and some of the benefits of blockchain in the healthcare sector. Now we will discuss about some of its popular and useful applications.

Supply chain management

The supply chain which is happening right now in healthcare is highly insecure. Actually the drugs are manufactured at the manufacturing plants of companies. After that, they are transferred to the wholesale distributors for further sale. The wholesale distributors then transfer it to the retail companies which finally sell it to the customers and end users. Hence there is a major threat to the authenticity of the drugs as low-quality and counterfeit drugs can enter this cycle easily. Here Blockchain offers immutability in healthcare and it can solve all of these major issues easily as it can check the drug ingredients and it also offers traceability of counterfeit drugs.

Integrity of medical records

Blockchain can be used easily to ensure the integrity of all the medical records. It is because whenever a medical record is produced or created, it can be stored in the blockchain technology based solution which will provide its full proof as the record in the blockchain cannot be changed or altered. This will be a huge benefit as the integrity of a medical record is highly important for both the medical and legal point of view whenever it is sought.

Assistance in Medical Research and Treatment

Blockchain can also prove to be highly useful for medical research work. The researchers by validated access to the patient’s data can effectively study the impact of any specific treatment over a large fraction of the patient population. These kind of research provides very good outcomes that result in the improvement in the treatment methodology for those section of patient population.

Identification of Single Patient

In healthcare sector the mismatch and the duplication of patient’s record can happen which is not good for the affected people. Also with the different schema of different EHRs makes the job difficult as it brings new ways to manipulate the simple form of data. But good thing about blockchain is that the whole data is hashed to a ledger. You may encounter multiple addresses and keys while you look for the addresses but all of them will give out a single patient identification which is the truth.


We have just discussed what is blockchain technology, what are its scope for the healthcare sector and what are its applications in this sector. That means we have covered how blockchain has the potential to transform the healthcare industry. Although blockchain is a new technology which is still at a beginning stage but its huge success has raised the expectation of people in many sectors including the healthcare. We are going to see major developments in healthcare sector now using blockchain technology. But it is not going to be much easy to implement blockchain in the healthcare sector as it might create certain challenges and we need creative and talented developers and architects to build such kind of blockchain based technology solutions. But one thing is sure it is certainly going to revolutionize the healthcare industry in coming future.

Boost Android app development to next level with these tools


Google has always bestowed upon the users of the Android smartphone with unique features and so does every Android app development company seems to take advantage of the latest trends and tools in order to create the best possible apps for their clients. In this blog, we are going to talk about a new tool rather a software called Google Play “Product” which has been recently launched by Google so that the companies offering Android app development services can create apps which can help to earn revenue even from those users who won’t like to pay for the subscription. It is definitely true that not all users of the smartphone like to pay for the subscriptions or in-app purchases when the free trials end.

Well, it is thing of surprise that how Google comes out with solutions for every other problem that begins to bother the developers in the IT market. They also keep in mind a few factors including how people hire Android app developer as it is the most important fact. Until and unless the clients are assured that the developer they hire has experience in creating apps which will bring revenue to the company or the app owner, they will not hire them easily. To add to this, monetisation is always the goal of the developers as well as the owners of the apps. If the users are not convinced enough to buy from the in-app purchases, or subscribe and pay for something, using this new tool is a great option.

What the new tool by Google is all about that boosts revenue?

You might be thinking what this magical tool all about and how the developers will be able to integrate it into the app to take full advantage of it. If you are confused over the monetisation methods in an app, this can be a perfect tool.

There is no doubt about the fact that you should hire Android app developer who will always think of the ways to generate maximum revenue from the apps that they built. The best thing is that app development comes with so many benefits and then there are amazing tools that are launched by Google for the users of Google Android Studio of course.

This time, it is not just an easy tool that is launched by Google. It is a tool that will help the developers to easily monetise the apps so that they can earn money from the app. Isn’t that exciting?

We are not talking about subscription-based tools that would require people to check the subscription box first only then it will be possible to earn money out of the app.

We are today talking about the tool that would create a feature called “Rewarded Products” but let’s see how the Android app development company will use this tool to get the best of the tool.

Utilisation of this tool by the mobile app developers for clients:

There are basically two types of users of an app. First ones are those who are always ready to pay for the paid features of the app and then there are some who just like to browse through the app and are never ready to buy the premium features of the app.

But, to leverage the users and to retain them, there is a tool created and launched by Google so that they can let them spend more time on the app and not spend their money. There is still time to see that whether this tool will be successful or not!

This is just so much similar to a barter system which is integrated into the app. With the help of this tool, the developers can integrate ad videos which the user must opt in to watch in order to get free game currencies or products for this task.

But, these products will be virtual benefits only, like vouchers or gifts. This is of course a great option to use for the app developers but this is still to see that whether or not the users will see it as a good move or will they find it quite annoying. This will take a little time to see what the users will react to it when they are given this type of app to use.

Will this feature be able to retain the users or the users of the app will find it annoying?

This is yet to see. But, let’s just talk about Android app development services and this new tool by Google is surely going to create some difference in how the apps are created by the developers. Of course, when the screen of the app is overtaken by the video, it will obviously become quite irritating for the users. We can’t call this as the best design practice in action. The rewards are all that matter. A developer should try to make the reward after watching the video to be the sweetest. If there are great virtual rewards on the basis of the videos watched by the users of the app.

For example: If the Android developer integrates reward videos which are likely to win the interest of the app users, the result would be that the user of the app will be interested in using that game which was previously a paid app. We already see that some apps show ad videos for monetization purposes, these are used. But, Google has stamped it officially this time by launching the Google Play “Product”.

More about this amazing “product” by Google…

What will be the reaction of the users of the apps which are integrating the apps with ad videos. The launch of this tool has definitely given a sureshot key to the success of an app in terms of earning money. The “Rewarded Products” is expected to help the app developers to create an interest in the app videos and so for earning money without even the users having to pay, the app can be monetised easily. The contribution will help the developers and the app owner to use the time of the user in order to increase the revenue of the app owner or the entrepreneur. So, the goal will be fulfilled when the non-paying users will contribute to the profit and they will also be able to get some virtual rewards, for example: Subscription of the games which are otherwise paid and other virtual gifts.

What is the only thing that is required in the whole process?

It will not be wrong to say that “Time” is the only prerequisite that is needed from the users of the app, so there is no difficult requirement in order to meet the goal.

What all types of actions are needed by the user of the app?

So, what are the actions that a user will have to take in order to earn a virtual reward?

Firstly, the user may have to take an action such as watching a video, in-game currency or using virtual coins or benefits or rewards. There are different ways so that the users don’t use the app in confusion what to do and what not to do. The simplified theory is that you have to bait the users of the app so that they spend more time on the app and thus the revenue is increased. We think that the developers of the Android app development company should try not to annoy the users by overtaking the full screen along with the video app. This will force the app user to delete the app. As no one is ever able to tolerate extra things in an app except what he wanted in the app.


Therefore, it would be amazing if the app creator only shows those things in the app even in the videos that are related to the topic of the app itself and no other things than that. This will highly improve the chance that the user will not delete the app.



As we are already aware that app development companies in Dubai are in much demand these days and they are hired by so many companies and brands to get mobile apps created. It is very important that the mobile app created has all the features and functionalities that makes an app worthy of the brand identity. Every app development Dubai company is providing their clients with apps that have latest features. These help to reach people with the most amazing app features which turns the app users into clients.



Top Reasons Why Google Accepted Kotlin as the Official Language for Android App Development

Android App Development Company

It is a good time for the Android app development company and Android developers around the world. A main reason behind this is the official support that Google has given to the programming language Kotlin. Kotlin was developed in such a way that it fulfills the requirements of the Android developers. It is basically a statically typed programming language which can run on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Good thing is that it is an open source, general purpose and pragmatic programming language which combines the features of both – object oriented programming as well as functional programming within it. Kotlin was developed in 2011 by the programmers of a software development company called JetBrains in Russia and it has been fully supported by the open source developers around the world.

Kotlin is becoming popular day by day as it has been developed to give solutions to the problems which Android developers face during Android app development process. Hence it is able to answer most of the main issues which popped up in Java and provides inter-operability, safety, clarity and support to developers. To give Kotlin a major boost, Android’s parent company – Google in its annual developer conference “Google I/O 2017” announced that Kotlin will now be an official Android language and Google will provide its first class support for Kotlin on the Android platform. This acceptance of Kotlin by Google has given a major push to the adoption of Kotlin by Android developers around the world.

Now so many of the Android App Development Services and Android developers are rewriting the Android apps in Kotlin which have earlier been written in Java language. That’s why Kotlin is the future of building Android apps. Just as Swift replaced the Objective-C language for iOS development, kotlin is all set to replace Java from the Android app development process.

Talking more about the history of Kotlin, it is worthwhile to note that Kotlin evolution began in Russia in 2011. Its parent company JetBrains was looking for a replacement for Java to use in their products due to some limitations developers were facing with Java. Out of the many available JVM languages, they also tried another language Scala but they found it to be slow in compilation hence ultimately they decided to write their own language known as Kotlin today.

Why so many businesses are looking to Hire Android App Developer and Why Google has accepted Kotlin for Android app development? The reason is because of the modernity of the Kotlin language – in terms of power, flexibility and democratic approach. Kotlin is also interoperable with the existing Android languages. Kotlin also gets benefits from the innovative contributions from the open source community. It has been built specifically for the need to find answers that developers did not get from Java. Oracle is already making Java a paid language hence Google is more than happy to accept Kotlin as a main language for app development on its Android platform.

First let’s discuss how Kotlin is different from Java. Kotlin can work with Java at the same time. That means you can add the Kotlin code to the existing project which has been coded in Java language. Kotlin language is bi-directional hence Android developers are able to call into Java language from Kotlin and vice-versa. That’s why now Kotlin is a better option for developers.

In this article, we are going tAndroid app development language has become highly popular o discuss about how Kotlin programming language is good for Android app development and why it is going to replace Java in this space. No doubt Kotlin has many features and benefits as compared to Java in Android development. Let’s go little more deeper to find out more the reasons.

Now let’s discuss about the top reasons why Google has declared Kotlin as the official programming language for Android app development.

Kotlin is 100% Interoperable with Java

One of the main reason why Kotlin is preferred in Android development is because it runs smoothly on JVM. JetBrains developed Kotlin as a JVM programming language thus making it 100% interoperable with Java programming language. Hence Android developers can use so many Java libraries while writing code using Kotlin in Android app development process. Also, developers can generate Java code from Kotlin using the converters provided by JetBrains.

Kotlin is Safe

One of the biggest issue faced by developers while writing the code in Java is the null pointer exception. So many of the developers have faced NullPointerException while writing the code in Java. This is actually one the Android app development language has become highly popular most common drawback of many programming language including Java by which accessing a member of a null reference results in a null reference exception. In Java it is referred as NullPointerException or NPE. Kotlin was developed to eliminate NullPointerException from the code. Kotlin has been developed in such a way that there is lesser chance of crashing the mobile applications as compared to Java.
Android app development language has become highly popular
Kotlin is Easy to Learn

Kotlin is similar to other Java compatible languages hence it is easier to learn. It is also easy to understand and read even by new developer as its code is easy to read and is much clearer. This actually helps to keep away errors from the code. JetBrains made it a priority to ensure that the transition from Java to Kotlin remains simple as they also had to implement if for their own products and apps. In short, we can say that Kotlin is a language that closely resembles what a Java developer already understands. Kotlin has opened up many possibilities and opportunities for developers to be more innovative and solve problems in creative ways. Hence learning Kotlin is also a fun.

Kotlin is a Mature Language with great IDE Support

Kotlin was first created in year 2011 after the huge popularity of Android phones and Android apps. Finally, it was officially released in 2016. It has gone through several stages of alpha and beta improvements before its final release. That means that even before it was released officially, it was used in many projects. The aim was to release a language which is practical in usage with proven features from other programming languages and a reliable and user friendly IDE support. The IDE plugins works very fine in case of Kotlin and allows so many popular Java features.

Kotlin Gives Better Performance

Now let’s discuss about Kotlin’s performance. Although Kotlin does not outperform Java but it increases the execution speed of lambda functions by supporting inline functions. Also it has a compact runtime library which adds few methods as compared to Java at runtime. Android developers can also use several tools in order to compress the runtime library. Hence creating an Android app using Kotlin language leads to faster execution as compared to an application written in Java.

Kotlin is Concise

The class code written in Kotlin is much more concise, clear and compact as compared to that in Java language. That means lesser coding is required in Kotlin. Also Kotlin has reduced the boilerplate codes as compared to Java. Hence the code written in Kotlin is quite compact with has very less size. Less coding is always directly proportional to less development time, fewer bugs and reduced costs. This is one of the main reason behind the Kotlin popularity in very less time since its launch. Due to these benefits, this modern Android app development language has become highly popular among Android developers. Hence we can say that Kotlin is concise and compact in size.

Kotlin Offers Great Support for IDEs

While developing Android apps with Kotlin, Android developers can take advantage of its robust and most reliable IDE named Android Studio. This IDE has full support from Android and Google team and developers. This IDE is designed with complete tooling support for Kotlin. The Android developers can write the code to build Android application in Kotlin much more efficiently using the development tools provided by Kotlin team. They can also use Kotlin Android Extensions to remove the findViewById() function. Kotlin Android Extension is a computer extension, which allows developers to get rid of findViewById() calls in the code, and to replace them with the synthetic computer generated properties. The developers can also use the library such as Anko Kotlin Library in order to fasten the process of Android app development. All of these things help the Kotlin developers to keep the code in a more clean and readable format and complete the app development process quite fast.

Kotlin is Open Source

Another good aspect about Kotlin is that it is an open source programming language. Since 2012, its developer – JetBrains declared it as an open-source project. Hence due to its open source nature, a developer can expect high-quality development while getting high level of support from the Kotlin development team. There are already so many online groups, forums and discussion sites which are dedicated for Kotlin development and Android app development process based on Kotlin language. Hence new Kotlin developers can get lots of support and advice from these forums and if they face any issue while using Kotlin then they can fix and resolve it quickly by asking to experts in these forums or groups.


We have just discussed the top reasons why Kotlin is the future of Android app development and why Kotlin is quickly becoming highly popular among Android developers. The above reasons have been summed up and formulated by expert Kotlin Android developers and they came to these conclusions due to their immense experience and exposure in this particular field. If still you have some doubt regarding the use of Kotlin in Android app development then it is better that you contact an expert Android app development company, share your requirements with them and let them explain you and show you the benefits of using Kotlin in Android app development over Java.